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Symposium 2021

Symposium 2021 at Borgo a Mozzano, Italy: Sabine Meyer, Charlotte Mancuso and Giulietta, Harald Thaler, Heiner Hofmann, Kristina Kanaan

We met in Borgo a Mozzano, Italy,  in Heiner Hofmann’s mill from 12th to 19th november 2021; considering the difficult global period we are all living,  we were really happy to see each other in person after such a long time of suspension of all our activities as artists and as an European group. We worked together especially on the organizational level, a lot of  work on the computer was done.  Some of the members joined  online. Our focus at the moment is mainly on the Frequenzen Book, which will be released for the 30th anniversary of the group in the year 2022. 
We are proud that our group has existed for 30 years, some of the founding members are still with us, others have passed away.

30 years of European art together!                                                                                       30 years of artistic communication between artists from all over Europe through at least 3 generations!                                                                                                                         30 years of “We live Europe”!

Our book will talk about all the symposia through pictures, documents and texts: on this occasion we will publish Irene Hallmann Strauss’ narration about the history of the Frequenzen since their foundation.

The Frequenzen Symposium in Gozo is over

Have a look at the slideshow




and for more details follow the Frequenzen-Blog

Our next Symposium will take place in France 2019.


Symposium 2018 on Gozo, Malta

The theme “Together”

represents the red thread that binds the artworks in production; each one of the artists will work with his own personal technique.

They will develop sculptures, paintings, photographs and drawings in a public place, where everyone can come and experience live the growth of an artwork.




From 6th to 11th October, it will be possible to visit the artists at “Ta’ Peppi Farmhouse” and see them creating.

From 12th to 14th October they will expose the final results at the Citadella of Gozo.



You can follow the symposium by connecting to the Frequenzen Blog





Tobias Krug in EXPO – Was ist Zeit?

Was ist Zeit?” 1. Mai bis 10. Juni 2018
TOBIAS KRUG, Glas und Malerei
KARL WITTI, Zeichnungen und Malerei

25 JAHRE MALURA MUSEUM - „Was ist Zeit?”

25 JAHRE MALURA MUSEUM – „Was ist Zeit?”


Begrüssung: Landrat Thomas Eichinger, Andrew Malura
Einführung: Christian Burchard
Musik: Masako Ohta

Mühlweg 2, 86944 Oberdießen
Andrew Malura
Tel. 082433638 oder 01703231634
Email: museum@malura.info
Öffnungszeiten: Sa.+ So. 14 -18 Uhr, u.n. Vereinbarung – Café geöffnet!


Tobias Krug in EXPO – ZEIT

75. Ausstellung der KLARTEXT Ausstellungsreihe:
Fremde Blicke und Blicke auf das Fremde
Eröffnung: Freitag, 02. März 2018 18 Uhr
Grafik von Tobias Krug

KLARTEXT e.V., Zentrum für Sprache, Kultur, Beruf
Augustenstraße 77
80333 München
Tel. 089 – 540 46 98-20
Zeiten: Mo – Fr 9:30 – 19:00


Tobias Krug in EXPO – Moment

Tobias Krug
Moment, Grafik und Glas
Ausstellungsdauer 17.06. – 05.09.2017
Vernissage: Freitag, den 16.06.2017 ab 19.30 Uhr (Einlass)

Einführung: Matthias Schüßler, Kulturkurator
Zur Vernissage präsentieren die Künstlerinnen Stephanie movall und Sieglinde Maerzke ab 20 Uhr die Performance KONFLIKTFERTIG.
25.06. und 27.06., 16-19 Uhr Teilnahme an der Stadtteilwoche Neuhausen-Nymphenburg
21.07., 15 Uhr, Vortrag und Präsentation von Planetenmusik mit Werkhaus Musikern zum Tag der offenen Tür
Finissage: Freitag, den 01.09.2017 ab 19.30 Uhr (Einlass)

Werkhaus, Leonrodstr.19 Rgb., München, www.werkhaus-ev.de
Öffnungszeiten tägl. u. nach Vereinbarung mit Kulturkurator Matthias Schüßler, Tel.: 0152/16235 108


Welcome to the Frequenzen Symposium 2016 in Veszprem, Hungary

The Symposium 2016 of the EAG Frequenzen e.V. has begun in Veszprem, Hungary

on Saturday, September 24 and will take place until October 2.

We wish fun and success to all the participant artists.

The this year’s Symposium has been organized by Zoltan Debreczeny (more…)

Seerosenpreis Tobias Krug

EINLADUNG zur Verleihung des Seerosenpreises 2016
Donnerstag, den 11. August 2016 19 Uhr
im Kunstpavillon Alter Botanischer Garten München am Stachus, Sophienstr. 7a

Konrad Hetz

Preisverleihung durch Herrn Stadtrat
Marian Offman

Christian Burchard

12.8. – 28.8.2016
Di. – Sa. 13 – 19 Uhr
So. 11 – 17 Uhr

Tobias Krug erhält zusammen mit Franz Ferdinand Wörle den Seerosenpreis der Landeshauptstadt München für das Jahr 2016.

Mit dem Preis ist verbunden eine Ausstellung im Kunstpavillon im Alten Botanischen Garten München vom 11. – 28. August 2016. Preisverleihung ist am Donnerstag, den 11. August im Kunstpavillon in München, Alter Botanischer Garten.


The XXth Frequenzen Symposium South Streams is over

In 2014 we met in Higueras, Spain. Our final exhibition took place at Castellon, in the casa Moruna, plaza del Mar.

On the Frequenzen-Blog you can find photos taken by all the participants of the event.

On the blog of the “Associacion Cultural” of Higueras, you will find pictures taken by people of the village, along with spanish, italian and french text.


Participating as Guest Artists:

From Italy:

Vincenzo Lopardo

From the Netherlands:

Grieteke Kiki Roosma

From Spain:

Carmen Garcia Gordillo

Elisa Merino C.

Alejandro Schmitt

Melchor Zapata


Many thanks to Angeles Schmid, Michel Schmid, Edith Schmid for management, organization and translations

Francisco Gimeno Torregrosa, Alcade – Presidente de Higueras

Excmo Ayuntamiento de Higueras

Asociacion Cultural Higueras


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Symposium 2013 Passages – Pas sages

26 May 2013 – 02 June 2013, Le Rocher d’Ongles, France

After twenty symposia in Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy and Malta  last year’s symposium was hold for the first time in France.

Gilles Brun a long time member of “Frequenzen” was the host in his new studio, in Le Rocher d’Ongles, Provence.

The finished projects were exhibited in the town hall of Ongles.


Symposium 2011 Fresh Air

6.May 2011-12.May 2011 Public work symposium in the St.Paul’s bay, Malta

The works were exhibited at La Valletta, German-Maltese Circle, Messina Palace


Tobias Krug

  • 1972 Born in Munich, Germany
  • 1994 – 1997 Professional Institute for glass and jewelry, Neugablonz, Germany
  • 1997 – 2001 Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. L.Gosewitz: Glass, Munich, Germany
  • since 2001 free lance artist
  • since 2003 member of the European Artist Group ‘FREQUENZEN e.V.’
  • since 2004 member of the Munich Artist Club ‘Seerosenkreis’