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Vincenzo Lopardo

For thirty years I have been trying to find my form of expression that represents the day, the night, the dream, man, space, earth, air and movement. Also, more simply, shapes, things, signs and colours that go well together and that hopefully give visual pleasure as a result of the contemplation of the work. I like to address the issue from opposite sides, put myself to the side and find a new interpretation of reality, I like to do this through the processes of subtraction and signs, which I try to set free in certain colour spaces. I like to think that painting is not a representation of reality, but an interpretation, I like the surprise that there is, I like it because the interpretation is not the only one. I like painting for many other reasons, and I especially like the healthy and ruthless dissatisfaction that continuously keeps pushing me in my workplace every day.


Kristina Kanaan: ART HAPPENS


Since December 2013 up to September 2014 Kristina Kanaan is setting up her own works in progress inside the restaurant Il Viaggio, Ascoli Piceno.

Her intention is to involve visitors in the visual process.
The artist places natural raw materials on site where finished works are already on show.
Kristina Kanaan works in an extemporaneous way, and for most of the artworks there are no pre-conceiled  ideas.
The exhibition expresses her personal intense experience as she lives in symbiosis with the materials and the images she meets and discovers.

Her paintings and sculptures are strongly inspired by the sea. They communicate the sounds of the waves, they speak the language of stones, sand and wood, and they reflect the light of glass fragments.

The artist’s roots come out in a mixed-media painting started in Veszprem, Hungary, mixing soil from the locality with powder of travertine marble from Ascoli Piceno where the work will be finished. A sculpture created at a symposium in France consists of a trunk from Germany combined with Murano glass. This kind of work echoes her vital and essential experiences.


If you want to meet the artist please send an email to



flutung II PDFExhibition Flutung – il Flusso I to celebrate the 30 year partnership between Lazise (Italy) and Rosenheim (Germany) at the old stadium of the custom-house of Lazise, Italy
Symposium Flutung – il Flusso II  in Rosenheim, Germany
Exhibition at the VHS Rosenheim, Germany


Borgo a Mozzano 2006Symposium and catalogue
Per non dimenticare il passato pensando al futuro (thinking about the future not to forget the past) in Borgo a Mozzano, Italy
supported by the county Borgo a Mozzano


Symposium in Ascoli Piceno/Italy
Exhibition Le nostre azioni determinano la vita delle generazioni di domani (Our actions determine the life of future generations) in Monsampolo del Tronto, Italy


Exhibition of the Hungarian Frequenzen at Duna Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
Symposium and Exhibition at the civic Museum (Museo Civico) / former monastery San Francesco in Monsampolo del Tronto, Italy, Transito con catene al km 199 (Transit with snow chains at km 199), catalogue
supported by the chamber of commerce Ascoli Piceno (CCIAA) and private sponsors
Symposium at the Museum in the Artists’ Village Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria
Exhibition at the Village Gallery in Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria


Exhibition at the European Patent Office, Munich, Germany
Conclusion of a three year plan Europe as a basis for a peaceful future with performances in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Malta, Austria and Hungary
Symposium in Cadipietra and Luttach, Valle Aurina, Italy
Exhibition at the Scuola Elementare in Cadipietra,Valle Aurina, Italy
supported by the Bavarian State Ministry (Bayerisches Staatsministerium) for Education, Culture, Science and Art as well as the Kunstmyst – Michael Pacher, Luttach, Italy
Foundation of the Hungarian EKG Frequenzen in Budapest, Hungary
Exhibition in Baldham, Germany

Patricia Vena

Patricia Vena was born in Rosario (Argentina) and has worked in Italy since 1988. Her primary expression is writing, poetry and fiction.
In 1986/87 she published short stories and articles in the journal  “Hojas dispersas” (Argentina).
In 1989/91 she was one of the presenter of the radio program “World Citizens” Radio in Italy – Erre Studio (Italy).
In 1991 she published some of her stories in the second and third editions of the books “Voices of Our Land”, Adriatica Editrice (Italy).
In 1992 she published “A Story and Other Stories” in Italian and Spanish, by Cesari (Italy).
In 1992/2006 she wrote the lyrics for catalogues of art exhibitions.
Since 2001 she has been part of the European Art Group “Frequenzen”, presenting her poetic installations in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Malta.
In 2001 she published her book “Nostalgie”, Edizioni Universum (Italy).
Since 2002 she  is a member of the Artistic Group SEBLIE, with whom she has performed in numerous occasions.
In 2002/03 some of her poems were published in anthologies, “Poets and writers of Italy”, Edizioni Universum.
In 2003 she published her book “The Last Crusade” fiction and poetry, Edizioni Librati.
In 2005 she participated in the Artists for Peace in Assisi on the March for Peace and published “SEBLIE: The Role of Art” with R. Lucianetti  and A. Piergallini, which tells the story and the concept of the artistic movement “SEBLIE” to whom she belongs.
In 2011 she published “Verses of Emergency”, Necklace Underground, SEBLIE Cultural Association, Italy.



Harald Thaler

Date of birth: 1974, South Tyrol/Bozen
School of art: St. Jakob Ahrntal
Art project: www.projekt-spielart.de
Member of European art group “Frequenzen e.V.” since 2006
Symposiums and art works in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland

Sabine Meyer

Throughout the early ’80’s I gained experience as a free lance photographer in Berlin, Germany.

I later expanded my skills in Milan,Italy, working alongside Gianni Baggi as a photo assistant in his commercial advertising photography studio.

I then undertook various assignments such as still life, industrial reportage, portraiture and fashion.

I’m collaborating with the German production ClassicConcept for video productions.

I am living in Ascoli Piceno, Italy and at the moment I’m mainly working in reportage and Fine Art photography


About the photo choice on this page:


Artists’ portraiture:

The artists’ portraits are the spotaneous results achieved during collective art work events. They reflect the emotional relationship between the artist as actor and the photographer as observer. The artist’s hands as the main instrument of creativity play an important role in my work.


Moonlight sets

I compose and shoot small sets with just the light of the full moon every month: my subjects come from nature like little plants, shells or bones found in the surrounding areas.



I live by the sea. In my photos I explore the eternal movement of water, its creative and often destructive power and the continuous transformation of landscapes touched by water.



In my landscapes I attempt to bring out the light and the dark.


Artists’ portraiture

Moonlight sets





Kristina Kanaan

Kristina Kanaan is an artist working since 1988 between Munich, Germany and Le Marche in Italy. She specializes in sculpture, installation, painting and design. She has studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Macerata with Prof. Paolo Gallerani from Milano.
Her work has been internationally recognized and has won prestigious awards on many occasions. To name for example, in 1994 she was awarded a Scholarship from Rotary Club International-District 2090, Club Altavallesina Grottefrassassi Italy, she has won a second prize for a monument in Ponte delle Gabbelle in Milano in 1996.
The same year, she won the second prize on the 13th Grand Prix International d‘Art Carrara/Hallstahammar, and first prize for her sculpture work in Spinetoli Scultura 2007. She is co-founder of the cultural club “Il giardino erboso” in Monsampolo del Tronto Italy, organizing art courses for children, various art events and exhibitions.
Her interest is to express contemporary art in concepts touching political arguments or attempting to make heavy weight materials appear lighter in her use of different materials such as stone, metal, ceramic, wood, glass and paper.
Exhibitions and symposium include Austria, Cina, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta and Sveden.




different materials



Maxs Felinfer

Since 1968 Maxs Felinfer has been working successfully as a painter and has taken part in
several exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Malta, Spain and Italy.
He set up many performances and events involving different artistic disciplines and in 1969 he created the so called “Seblie Movement”. He is experienced in the fields of sculpture, movie making, photography, cartoons, theatre and dancing.
In 1983, the Argentinian writer Hector Paruzzo issued the book “Maxs Felinfer, On painting topics”, which was later translated into Portuguese and issued in Brazil. The book describes the painting career of the artist and his Seblie Movement.
In 1984, the artist issued his own book: “Seblie, a language”, which was translated and issued in Italian in 2005, together with the book: “Seblie: the role of art”, by Patricia Vena, Roberta Lucianetti and Annalisa Piergallini, which tells the story of the Seblie movement and analyzes its principles and the motivations behind the work of the “Seblie Artistic Group”, founded by Maxs Felinfer.
Since 2001 he has joined the European Contemporary Art Group “Frequenzen” with whom he takes part in symposia and exhibitions in different European countries.

Many of Maxs Felinfer’s works belong to the collections of various museums and associations, among which
Museo Civico (Civic Museum) in Teramo, Italy
Museo di Scultura (Sculpture Museum) in Spinetoli, Italy
the Fränkische Schweiz Museum in Tüchersfeld, Germany
Museo di Arte Moderna (Mueum of Modern Art) in São Paulo, Brazil
the artistic collection of the International Students Center di UCLA, USA
the Argentinian Embassy in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Palazzo della Provincia in Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Palazzo Municipale (Town House) in Culver City, USA
Fondazione Culturale (Cultural Foundation) in Curitiba,Brazil
Europäische Künstlergruppe Frequenzen in München, Germany
Sottosegreteria di Cultura (Culture Secretery Town House) in Rosario, Argentina
Culture Town House in Maciel, Argentina
Convento di San Francesco in Ancona, Italy

He was teaching in the following schools:
“Gabriel Carrasco N. 69”, Rosario, Argentina
“Manuel Belgrano N. 54”, Rosario, Argentina
“Correa N. 254”,Correa, Argentina
“Instituto Integral de Educaciòn por el Arte Bela Bartok”, Rosario, Argentina

He held formation course in the following institutes:
“CO.A.L.A. S.r.l.”, Jesi, Italy
“Sinopia Informatica Lab. Marche S.r.l.”, Ascoli Piceno, Italy
“Eikon Services S.r.l.”, Ascoli Piceno Italy
“Edicom” Ripatransone, Italy
Comunità Terapeutica “Ama – Aquilone”, Castel di Lama, Italy

Robert Engl

Robert Engl was born in Brixen, Bolzano, Italy in 1967.
Upon graduation he attended an apprenticeship as a sculptor at the schools of wood carving in San Giacomo, Ahr Valley and Val Gardena.
From 1986 to 1989 he was at the school of restoration at the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Bolzano.
He is a restorer for polychrome wooden sculptures and paintings on wood.


He started as a freelance restorer in 1989 when he began a collaboration with the Superintendence Bolzano (I), Innsbruck (A) and Salzburg (A). He has been teaching carving since 1997 at the Regional School for the Enhancement Cultural Heritage ENAIP Botticino (BS).


He has exhibited and took part in symposia in Italy and abroad.

He is working in Sterzing (South Tirol). He’s mainly using wood, clay, stone and colour. In the plastic creation he’s looking for a reduced archaic design wich is increased by the treatment of the surface. The “LANDART” works are in harmony with the surrounding nature and is submissioned by a natural transience.


Il Tirreno 27.September 2006, Borgo a Mozzano,

„A Borgo a Mozzano artisti da tutta l’Europa“

Dolomiten 29./30. Juni 1996 – Nr. 149

Hohe Frequenzen in Steinhaus