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The XXth Frequenzen Symposium South Streams is over

In 2014 we met in Higueras, Spain. Our final exhibition took place at Castellon, in the casa Moruna, plaza del Mar.

On the Frequenzen-Blog you can find photos taken by all the participants of the event.

On the blog of the “Associacion Cultural” of Higueras, you will find pictures taken by people of the village, along with spanish, italian and french text.


Participating as Guest Artists:

From Italy:

Vincenzo Lopardo

From the Netherlands:

Grieteke Kiki Roosma

From Spain:

Carmen Garcia Gordillo

Elisa Merino C.

Alejandro Schmitt

Melchor Zapata


Many thanks to Angeles Schmid, Michel Schmid, Edith Schmid for management, organization and translations

Francisco Gimeno Torregrosa, Alcade – Presidente de Higueras

Excmo Ayuntamiento de Higueras

Asociacion Cultural Higueras


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Kristina Kanaan: ART HAPPENS


Since December 2013 up to September 2014 Kristina Kanaan is setting up her own works in progress inside the restaurant Il Viaggio, Ascoli Piceno.

Her intention is to involve visitors in the visual process.
The artist places natural raw materials on site where finished works are already on show.
Kristina Kanaan works in an extemporaneous way, and for most of the artworks there are no pre-conceiled  ideas.
The exhibition expresses her personal intense experience as she lives in symbiosis with the materials and the images she meets and discovers.

Her paintings and sculptures are strongly inspired by the sea. They communicate the sounds of the waves, they speak the language of stones, sand and wood, and they reflect the light of glass fragments.

The artist’s roots come out in a mixed-media painting started in Veszprem, Hungary, mixing soil from the locality with powder of travertine marble from Ascoli Piceno where the work will be finished. A sculpture created at a symposium in France consists of a trunk from Germany combined with Murano glass. This kind of work echoes her vital and essential experiences.


If you want to meet the artist please send an email to


Symposium 2011 Fresh Air

6.May 2011-12.May 2011 Public work symposium in the St.Paul’s bay, Malta

The works were exhibited at La Valletta, German-Maltese Circle, Messina Palace


Patricia Vena

Patricia Vena was born in Rosario (Argentina) and has worked in Italy since 1988. Her primary expression is writing, poetry and fiction.
In 1986/87 she published short stories and articles in the journal  “Hojas dispersas” (Argentina).
In 1989/91 she was one of the presenter of the radio program “World Citizens” Radio in Italy – Erre Studio (Italy).
In 1991 she published some of her stories in the second and third editions of the books “Voices of Our Land”, Adriatica Editrice (Italy).
In 1992 she published “A Story and Other Stories” in Italian and Spanish, by Cesari (Italy).
In 1992/2006 she wrote the lyrics for catalogues of art exhibitions.
Since 2001 she has been part of the European Art Group “Frequenzen”, presenting her poetic installations in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Malta.
In 2001 she published her book “Nostalgie”, Edizioni Universum (Italy).
Since 2002 she  is a member of the Artistic Group SEBLIE, with whom she has performed in numerous occasions.
In 2002/03 some of her poems were published in anthologies, “Poets and writers of Italy”, Edizioni Universum.
In 2003 she published her book “The Last Crusade” fiction and poetry, Edizioni Librati.
In 2005 she participated in the Artists for Peace in Assisi on the March for Peace and published “SEBLIE: The Role of Art” with R. Lucianetti  and A. Piergallini, which tells the story and the concept of the artistic movement “SEBLIE” to whom she belongs.
In 2011 she published “Verses of Emergency”, Necklace Underground, SEBLIE Cultural Association, Italy.



Heiner Hofmann

In my artwork and performances I try to visualize my emotions making them noticeable to the viewer, using my own body to express life’s various experiences. In my paintings, sculptures and performances I try to accent the work in progress keeping in mind becoming, being and going on as my concept.


Born 10.05.1957 in Rosenheim, Germany
1974 – 1977 training as a sculptor in wood, steel and stone
Member of the Professional Association of Visual Arts in Munich / Bavaria
Founding member of the European Art Group “Frequenzen”
2003 Founding of “Projekt-Spielart” with colleague Harry Thaler
Since 1984 global exhibitions and symposia
Since 1980 several art performances locally and abroad
various art commissions for state and local governments in Germany, Switzerland and Italy
Since 1998 exhibitions (paintings) at the art gallery “Ruf” in Munich
Lives and works in Rosenheim / Germany


Maxs Felinfer

Since 1968 Maxs Felinfer has been working successfully as a painter and has taken part in
several exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Malta, Spain and Italy.
He set up many performances and events involving different artistic disciplines and in 1969 he created the so called “Seblie Movement”. He is experienced in the fields of sculpture, movie making, photography, cartoons, theatre and dancing.
In 1983, the Argentinian writer Hector Paruzzo issued the book “Maxs Felinfer, On painting topics”, which was later translated into Portuguese and issued in Brazil. The book describes the painting career of the artist and his Seblie Movement.
In 1984, the artist issued his own book: “Seblie, a language”, which was translated and issued in Italian in 2005, together with the book: “Seblie: the role of art”, by Patricia Vena, Roberta Lucianetti and Annalisa Piergallini, which tells the story of the Seblie movement and analyzes its principles and the motivations behind the work of the “Seblie Artistic Group”, founded by Maxs Felinfer.
Since 2001 he has joined the European Contemporary Art Group “Frequenzen” with whom he takes part in symposia and exhibitions in different European countries.

Many of Maxs Felinfer’s works belong to the collections of various museums and associations, among which
Museo Civico (Civic Museum) in Teramo, Italy
Museo di Scultura (Sculpture Museum) in Spinetoli, Italy
the Fränkische Schweiz Museum in Tüchersfeld, Germany
Museo di Arte Moderna (Mueum of Modern Art) in São Paulo, Brazil
the artistic collection of the International Students Center di UCLA, USA
the Argentinian Embassy in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Palazzo della Provincia in Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Palazzo Municipale (Town House) in Culver City, USA
Fondazione Culturale (Cultural Foundation) in Curitiba,Brazil
Europäische Künstlergruppe Frequenzen in München, Germany
Sottosegreteria di Cultura (Culture Secretery Town House) in Rosario, Argentina
Culture Town House in Maciel, Argentina
Convento di San Francesco in Ancona, Italy

He was teaching in the following schools:
“Gabriel Carrasco N. 69”, Rosario, Argentina
“Manuel Belgrano N. 54”, Rosario, Argentina
“Correa N. 254”,Correa, Argentina
“Instituto Integral de Educaciòn por el Arte Bela Bartok”, Rosario, Argentina

He held formation course in the following institutes:
“CO.A.L.A. S.r.l.”, Jesi, Italy
“Sinopia Informatica Lab. Marche S.r.l.”, Ascoli Piceno, Italy
“Eikon Services S.r.l.”, Ascoli Piceno Italy
“Edicom” Ripatransone, Italy
Comunità Terapeutica “Ama – Aquilone”, Castel di Lama, Italy