Frequenzen – european art group


Frequenzen is a group of European artists. It has been in existence since 1991.The  group was formed with the aim of creating a working collaboration by artists coming from various European  countries.

This artistic collaboration has always represented the fundamental element of our group.

As time went by some of our dear colleagues have passed away but we can count on a continuous flux of new artists from various European countries who are interested in our artistic concept. These artists are the second generation supporting the founding group.

It is not always that all members of Frequenzen work together during the same activity communicating in real time with everyone. However, these events provide new acquaintances and experiences for all the group. Basically we prefer to organize our symposia in various parts of Europe in the shape of a work of art. As a group of European artists we aim to become active even on an international level using our ideas to explore new horizons. The creative energy that is alerted by new, unknown sites and circumstances, new colleagues, different impressions and audience participation provide the motoring force and the drive for the continuity of this work. Our art seems to reinvent itself thanks to the multiple collaborations of our symposia, which reunite, inspire and nurture our friendship.

To  continue with our work and to keep on developing this European cultural idea we still need sponsors and special friends. To enable us to leave a trace of our work we need catalogues, photos, videos, contacts with the press. Travel and accommodation have to be paid. Artists’ material has to be provided for the works being created. Exhibitions have to be organized to fuel the passion for art and culture in our visitors and a strong artistic impression is communicated. The future will show the depth of the traces left behind.

We artists feel the need to participate in the creation of Europe in the first person. Our exchange of experience apart from the national frontiers signifies working for a common goal in a future together where the artist as an individual will not have to renounce his uniqueness and independence as an artist.


The European artist group Frequenzen is offering to the sponsors an interesting insight
into the work of artists living in different European countries.
Our symposia, exhibitions and panel discussions on site can turn out to be
an important aspect of their marketing, showing a positive attitude towards
European Culture.

As sponsors and art friends of Frequenzen they can join us in our symposia
and they will be involved in the group.
Being part of our group their Art and Cultural Foundation will be better
exposed at an European level.
In any future symposium a Folder with art works of the participating artists
will be created and they can buy this valuable artistic documents at an
advantageous price.
Their logo will be displayed on our art catalogues,
website, invitations, posters and newspaper communications.

They will be sent a tax-deductible receipt (Germany).


Their city, county or village may want to expand its cultural atmosphere. It can support the group exhibition and provide the working space for a symposium by Frequenzen.

As a hotel, pension, or guest house owner they can sponsor overnight stays.
They may want to support us by donating in kind, like catering artists’ materials, stationery and whatever else is needed to organize a symposium.

They may want to pay for some of the travelling expenses.

If they decide to become a promoter and art lover of Frequenzen an annual fee of 100,00 EUR would be enough. Anything above that would be appreciated.

Their financial support will contribute towards our vision of a stronger European artistic network.