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Frequenzen-Symposium 2015 Fluch—t

Our last Symposium in Neumarkt a.d.Raab in Austria is over. We were a small group this time,  the participating 7 artists came from 6 different European nations. We worked a lot, in a very concentrated manner, and the result is  interesting as usual. We treated the subject “escape”. Our location is situated near the Hungarian and the Slovenian borders and during our symposium many fugitives from Syria have been arrived, trying to go to Vienna. The item was very hot and really felt by the Frequenzen members.

You can follow the Frequenzen-Blog  here. There are photos from the art works, portraits of the participating artists and many details.


The artists:

Zoltan Debreczeny from Hungary, painter

Jean-Pierre Dupont from France, painter

Charles Gatt from Malta, painter

Heiner Hofmann from Germany, painter

Sabine Meyer from Germany, photographer

Michel Schmid from Switzerland, sculptor

Harald Thaler  from Italy, sculptor

and as special guest

Gabor Szabo from Hungary, sculptor


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Our special greetings go out to Kristina Kanaan, Tobias Krug, Maxs Felinfer, Patricia Vena, Gilles BrunRobert Engl, Vincenzo Lopardo, Alejandro Schmitt, Carmen Garcia Gordillo,Irene Hallmann-Strauss, Janos Mìklas Kadar and Hans Verduijn, who couldn’t come due to personal reasons.




Szabó Gábor in EXPO

Meghívó szabóg





WITHOUT MODERATION SZABÓ ~ Exhibition in Budapest




Erlin Gallery, 1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 49
Opening speech by ÁDÁM SZABÓ
on Wednesday, 5 November 2014 at 6,00 p.m
Open till 5 December, Monday-Friday
from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Symposium 2011 Fresh Air

6.May 2011-12.May 2011 Public work symposium in the St.Paul’s bay, Malta

The works were exhibited at La Valletta, German-Maltese Circle, Messina Palace


Szabo Gabor

Born 1940 in Budapest
School of Arts Budapest
Academy of Arts, Budapest
Professor of Art Education
Founding member of the European Artist group FREQUENZEN e.V. 1992
Co-founder of first Hungarian sculptor Symposium in Siklos-Villany,
Member of the Executive Board of
Young Artists, the Union of Artists,
Committee of the Association of Sculptors
Since 1996 member of FREQUENZEN Hungary. Exhibitions in Hungary, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, Norway, Poland, Russia, Swe- den, USA, India, Austria.