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eag_presse_1999 001Exhibition at Silvretta Samnaun, Switzerland
supported by Mrs. E. Gugganig-Zegg and Mrs. J. Brock Marketing
Symposium Künstler leben Europa (Artists live Europe) at the Farmhouse Museum in the Artists’ Village Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria
Exhibition at the Village Gallery
Exhibition (Artists live Europe) at the Bürgerhaus Garching, Munich, Germany

Michel Schmid

I was born in 1945 and as a child I spent a lot of time painting and drawing.
At the age of 11, I saw the film “le mystère Picasso” and this movie was an impression which influenced my later style.
As a teenager I wanted to follow an art course, but, being an obedient son, I became an electronic engineer.
Except for a short break of a few years, I continued to draw and paint while I was doing my technical work. In the late ’90s I devoted more time to painting than to my professional work. In my studio in Geneva a thorough research in colour and design brought me to the third dimension, and this initiated my interest in sculpture.
In 2004, when I retired my wife and myself moved to Haute-Provence and I started working with Iron.
In 2008 the sculptural work became so important that I had to stop painting. Since then, I have been working almost exclusively with Iron sheet, formed either in a hot or cold way and then welded. I like this material for the constraints it implies, being cold, sharp, sometimes dangerous, but at the same time allowing the building of warm and sensual shapes.
Most of my works are rather abstract, in the sense that they don’t represent anything but rather suggest and transmit emotion. Most of the time, the emotion has its source in a shape thought, dreamt, or felt. However, the source can also be a social or political event.