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Libres Bal(l)ades, Ongles, France, 2019

The annual symposium or the Frequenzen art group is over. We would like to thank our perfect managers and artist colleagues  Gilles Brun, Ans Barillé, Jean-Pierre Dupont and of course Agnès: she was always in the right place at the right moment. 

The artists of the art association J’Ongles Art worked with us in public spaces; many visitors came to see us creating. We dedicated this symposium to our artist colleague Michel Schmid, who passed away last year. He was at home in the Haute Provence. 

The final exhibition of the works took place in the Town Hall of Ongles. 

have a look at the Symposium in pictures 

some of the final works: 

Big ThankYou to our sponsors.

The Frequenzen Symposium in Gozo is over

Have a look at the slideshow




and for more details follow the Frequenzen-Blog

Our next Symposium will take place in France 2019.


Symposium 2018 on Gozo, Malta

The theme “Together”

represents the red thread that binds the artworks in production; each one of the artists will work with his own personal technique.

They will develop sculptures, paintings, photographs and drawings in a public place, where everyone can come and experience live the growth of an artwork.




From 6th to 11th October, it will be possible to visit the artists at “Ta’ Peppi Farmhouse” and see them creating.

From 12th to 14th October they will expose the final results at the Citadella of Gozo.



You can follow the symposium by connecting to the Frequenzen Blog





Welcome to the Frequenzen Symposium 2016 in Veszprem, Hungary

The Symposium 2016 of the EAG Frequenzen e.V. has begun in Veszprem, Hungary

on Saturday, September 24 and will take place until October 2.

We wish fun and success to all the participant artists.

The this year’s Symposium has been organized by Zoltan Debreczeny (more…)

Symposium 2016 ~ Veszprem/ Hungary ~ sept. 24, 2016 – oct. 02, 2016 ~ empower our work!!

Have a look at  the teaser for the symposium 2016 in Veszprem/Hungary .

Frequenzen Symposium 2016 in Veszprém, Hungary

Our next symposium will take place in Veszprém, Hungary, from
September 24 to October 2, 2016.

stay tuned.


2016 – 25 years anniversary of the EAG Frequenzen e.V.



This year we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Frequenzen group which has been in
existence since 1991.The group was formed with the aim of creating a working collaboration by
artists coming from various European countries.
This artistic collaboration has always represented the fundamental element of our group.
As time went by some of our dear colleagues have passed away but we can count on a
continuous flow of new artists from different European countries who are interested in our
artistic concept. These artists are the second generation supporting the founding group.
Our next symposium will take place in Veszprém, Hungary, from
September 24 to October 2, 2016.
We have always believed in an European concept at the base of our work and we are
convinced that it is most urgent to keep Europe a border-free place where to live
and create as artists.
If you are interested in empowering the Frequenzen Symposium as a sponsor, please have a look on our Homepage, where you can find all the necessary information.




The XXth Frequenzen Symposium South Streams is over

In 2014 we met in Higueras, Spain. Our final exhibition took place at Castellon, in the casa Moruna, plaza del Mar.

On the Frequenzen-Blog you can find photos taken by all the participants of the event.

On the blog of the “Associacion Cultural” of Higueras, you will find pictures taken by people of the village, along with spanish, italian and french text.


Participating as Guest Artists:

From Italy:

Vincenzo Lopardo

From the Netherlands:

Grieteke Kiki Roosma

From Spain:

Carmen Garcia Gordillo

Elisa Merino C.

Alejandro Schmitt

Melchor Zapata


Many thanks to Angeles Schmid, Michel Schmid, Edith Schmid for management, organization and translations

Francisco Gimeno Torregrosa, Alcade – Presidente de Higueras

Excmo Ayuntamiento de Higueras

Asociacion Cultural Higueras


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“El Periodico Mediterraneo”, 15-10-2014

“Periodico Mediterraneo” talks about the Symposium 2014 “South Streams” in Higueras, Spain

Symposium 2014 South Streams


This year’s symposium will be held in Higueras, Province of Castellon, Community of Valencia, from October 11 to October 19.


The Symposium’s Theme will be South Streams



La Marseillaise, 31-05-2013

about the Frequenzen Symposium Passages


Symposium 2013 Passages – Pas sages

26 May 2013 – 02 June 2013, Le Rocher d’Ongles, France

After twenty symposia in Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy and Malta  last year’s symposium was hold for the first time in France.

Gilles Brun a long time member of “Frequenzen” was the host in his new studio, in Le Rocher d’Ongles, Provence.

The finished projects were exhibited in the town hall of Ongles.


Symposium 2011 Fresh Air

6.May 2011-12.May 2011 Public work symposium in the St.Paul’s bay, Malta

The works were exhibited at La Valletta, German-Maltese Circle, Messina Palace



flutung II PDFExhibition Flutung – il Flusso I to celebrate the 30 year partnership between Lazise (Italy) and Rosenheim (Germany) at the old stadium of the custom-house of Lazise, Italy
Symposium Flutung – il Flusso II  in Rosenheim, Germany
Exhibition at the VHS Rosenheim, Germany


Symposium Künstler für Europa (Artists for Europe) at the Museum in the artists’ Village Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria
Exhibition at the Village Gallery in Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria


Die heilige ElisabethSymposium Die heilige Elisabeth – soziale Probleme gestern – heute – morgen (Saint Elizabeth – social problems yesterday – today – tomorrow)
in collaboration with the Fränkische Schweiz-Museum Tüchersfeld, Germany


Borgo a Mozzano 2006Symposium and catalogue
Per non dimenticare il passato pensando al futuro (thinking about the future not to forget the past) in Borgo a Mozzano, Italy
supported by the county Borgo a Mozzano


Symposium at the Museum in the Artists’ Village Neumarkt a. d. Raab, Austria


Symposium and Exhibition at the University of Kaposvár, Hungary
supported by the University of Kaposvár


Symposium in Ascoli Piceno/Italy
Exhibition Le nostre azioni determinano la vita delle generazioni di domani (Our actions determine the life of future generations) in Monsampolo del Tronto, Italy


Exhibition of the Hungarian Frequenzen at Duna Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
Symposium and Exhibition at the civic Museum (Museo Civico) / former monastery San Francesco in Monsampolo del Tronto, Italy, Transito con catene al km 199 (Transit with snow chains at km 199), catalogue
supported by the chamber of commerce Ascoli Piceno (CCIAA) and private sponsors
Symposium at the Museum in the Artists’ Village Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria
Exhibition at the Village Gallery in Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria


Symposium and exhibition in collaboration with the Fränkische Schweiz-Museum, Tüchersfeld, Germany
Artists and Museum (catalogue)
supported by the Bavarian State Ministry (Bayerisches Staatsministerium) for Education, Culture, Science and Art, the Baugruppe Blank/Kreul GmbH, Künstlerbedarf Pflaums, Posthotel Pegnitz, Kreissparkasse Bayreuth


eag_presse_1999 001Exhibition at Silvretta Samnaun, Switzerland
supported by Mrs. E. Gugganig-Zegg and Mrs. J. Brock Marketing
Symposium Künstler leben Europa (Artists live Europe) at the Farmhouse Museum in the Artists’ Village Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria
Exhibition at the Village Gallery
Exhibition (Artists live Europe) at the Bürgerhaus Garching, Munich, Germany


Symposium in Valletta, Malta after an invitation from the German-Maltese Circle
Exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts Valletta and in the Messina Palace Valletta, Malta
Exhibition in the rooms of the Regierung of Oberbayern, Munich, Germany
Exhibition at the town hall of Rosenheim, Germany
supported by the city council of Rosenheim


Symposium in the Artists’ Village Neumarkt a.d.Raab, Austria
Foundation of the Austrian EKG Frequenzen in Jennersdorf, Austria
Exhibition in the rooms of the German Embassy in Brussels, Belgium


Exhibition at the European Patent Office, Munich, Germany
Conclusion of a three year plan Europe as a basis for a peaceful future with performances in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Malta, Austria and Hungary
Symposium in Cadipietra and Luttach, Valle Aurina, Italy
Exhibition at the Scuola Elementare in Cadipietra,Valle Aurina, Italy
supported by the Bavarian State Ministry (Bayerisches Staatsministerium) for Education, Culture, Science and Art as well as the Kunstmyst – Michael Pacher, Luttach, Italy
Foundation of the Hungarian EKG Frequenzen in Budapest, Hungary
Exhibition in Baldham, Germany


Symposium in the Artists’ Village Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria
Exhibition at the Village-Gallery in Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria
Workshop and exhibition in Baldham, Germany
According to the advice of members of the European Parliament: Conclusion to form an association to support the serious concerns in Art


Exhibition at the ENN-Gallery of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Ebersberg, Germany
Symposium Think European in Zanka, Hungary
Exhibition in Zanka, Hungary and OTP Bank Gallery, Budapest, Hungary


Workshop and exhibition in Baldham, Germany
Symposium European Artist Forum Europe = Meeting = Surviving
in the Artists’ Village Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria
Workshop and exhibition at the Elisenhofgalerie, Munich, Germany
Panel discussion in cooperation with the Hanns Seidl Stiftung at the Künstlerhaus Munich, Germany
(with Christoph Vitali, Dr. Eckehard Mai, Secretary of State Hans Bohm, Dr. F. Hufnagel)
Exhibition at the Kulturforum, Bürgerhaus Garching, Munich, Germany

Robert Engl

Robert Engl was born in Brixen, Bolzano, Italy in 1967.
Upon graduation he attended an apprenticeship as a sculptor at the schools of wood carving in San Giacomo, Ahr Valley and Val Gardena.
From 1986 to 1989 he was at the school of restoration at the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Bolzano.
He is a restorer for polychrome wooden sculptures and paintings on wood.


He started as a freelance restorer in 1989 when he began a collaboration with the Superintendence Bolzano (I), Innsbruck (A) and Salzburg (A). He has been teaching carving since 1997 at the Regional School for the Enhancement Cultural Heritage ENAIP Botticino (BS).


He has exhibited and took part in symposia in Italy and abroad.

He is working in Sterzing (South Tirol). He’s mainly using wood, clay, stone and colour. In the plastic creation he’s looking for a reduced archaic design wich is increased by the treatment of the surface. The “LANDART” works are in harmony with the surrounding nature and is submissioned by a natural transience.


La Provence, 30-06-2013

about the Frequenzen Symposium Passages

Il Tirreno 27.September 2006, Borgo a Mozzano,

„A Borgo a Mozzano artisti da tutta l’Europa“