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Welcome to the Frequenzen Symposium 2016 in Veszprem, Hungary

The Symposium 2016 of the EAG Frequenzen e.V. has begun in Veszprem, Hungary

on Saturday, September 24 and will take place until October 2.

We wish fun and success to all the participant artists.

The this year’s Symposium has been organized by Zoltan Debreczeny (more…)

Frequenzen Symposium 2016 in Veszprém, Hungary

Our next symposium will take place in Veszprém, Hungary, from
September 24 to October 2, 2016.

stay tuned.


2016 – 25 years anniversary of the EAG Frequenzen e.V.



This year we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Frequenzen group which has been in
existence since 1991.The group was formed with the aim of creating a working collaboration by
artists coming from various European countries.
This artistic collaboration has always represented the fundamental element of our group.
As time went by some of our dear colleagues have passed away but we can count on a
continuous flow of new artists from different European countries who are interested in our
artistic concept. These artists are the second generation supporting the founding group.
Our next symposium will take place in Veszprém, Hungary, from
September 24 to October 2, 2016.
We have always believed in an European concept at the base of our work and we are
convinced that it is most urgent to keep Europe a border-free place where to live
and create as artists.
If you are interested in empowering the Frequenzen Symposium as a sponsor, please have a look on our Homepage, where you can find all the necessary information.




WITHOUT MODERATION SZABÓ ~ Exhibition in Budapest




Erlin Gallery, 1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 49
Opening speech by ÁDÁM SZABÓ
on Wednesday, 5 November 2014 at 6,00 p.m
Open till 5 December, Monday-Friday
from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Symposium and Exhibition at the University of Kaposvár, Hungary
supported by the University of Kaposvár


Exhibition of the Hungarian Frequenzen at Duna Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
Symposium and Exhibition at the civic Museum (Museo Civico) / former monastery San Francesco in Monsampolo del Tronto, Italy, Transito con catene al km 199 (Transit with snow chains at km 199), catalogue
supported by the chamber of commerce Ascoli Piceno (CCIAA) and private sponsors
Symposium at the Museum in the Artists’ Village Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria
Exhibition at the Village Gallery in Neumarkt a.d. Raab, Austria


Exhibition at the ENN-Gallery of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Ebersberg, Germany
Symposium Think European in Zanka, Hungary
Exhibition in Zanka, Hungary and OTP Bank Gallery, Budapest, Hungary


Foundation of the European Artgroup FREQUENZEN in January 1992
Workshop and exhibition at the citadel and Csiskas Gallery, in the Park of the Academy of Science and in the old town of Veszprém, Hungary
Catalogue Edition supported by the Foreign Office, Bonn, Germany, and the Goethe lnstitut, Budapest, Hungary
Exhibition at the Harder Bastei, lngolstadt, Germany

Janos Miklos Kadar

Szabo Gabor

Born 1940 in Budapest
School of Arts Budapest
Academy of Arts, Budapest
Professor of Art Education
Founding member of the European Artist group FREQUENZEN e.V. 1992
Co-founder of first Hungarian sculptor Symposium in Siklos-Villany,
Member of the Executive Board of
Young Artists, the Union of Artists,
Committee of the Association of Sculptors
Since 1996 member of FREQUENZEN Hungary. Exhibitions in Hungary, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, Norway, Poland, Russia, Swe- den, USA, India, Austria.


Zoltan Debreczeny

Born in 1952 in Veszprem
Selft-taught and graduate of the Institute of Engineers City Council in Veszprem
Exhibitions in Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy.

Veszprém Megyei új hirek Nr.35 – 26. Juni 1992

Napló 26.06.1992 – Nr.150

Hungary 1992

1992 Hungary