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Carmen Garcia Gordillo

Born in Valencia, Spain, I studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos. I work mainly with acrylics on paper.  I also studied engraving, woodcut and litography in Massana and Llotja school of Barcelona. My work is figurative and the colors are bright and optimistic. My work has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions. I worked as an illustrator for various publishers on many book covers and  made several picture books in collaboration with authors and writers.

I exhibited my work in many cities in Spain, such as Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona; as well as in Kobe and Nagoya in Japan.

As a painter, through my art, I am allowed to develop my own inner and dream world,  I’m looking for to know my self through my work.


The Frequenzen Symposium in Gozo is over

Have a look at the slideshow




and for more details follow the Frequenzen-Blog

Our next Symposium will take place in France 2019.


Charles Gatt in Exposition

Charles Gatt, musician and painter from Malta, welcomes you

Art Galleries

Palazzo de La Salle

Republic Street,

Valletta, Malta

opening: 4th october 2018, 7.30 p.m.










5/10-2/11 2018

monday to friday 08:00 to 19:00hrs

saturday 09:00 to13.30hrs






Dierk Engelken in expo

Vernissage: Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 5 p.m.

Galeria Art Nova, Kattowitz/Poland





The EAG Frequenzen participates at the Art Fair “Umschlagplatz Coburg

The EAG Frequenzen e.V. participates at the Art Fair “Umschlagplatz Coburg”AG

in Coburg, Germany, during the weekend of 18th to 19th of June 2016.

Several artists  present and sell artworks which were created during the symposia.

You will find sculptures, paintings, and photographs.

You’re welcome to visit our stand  and learn more about the group.





























Vincenzo Lopardo

For thirty years I have been trying to find my form of expression that represents the day, the night, the dream, man, space, earth, air and movement. Also, more simply, shapes, things, signs and colours that go well together and that hopefully give visual pleasure as a result of the contemplation of the work. I like to address the issue from opposite sides, put myself to the side and find a new interpretation of reality, I like to do this through the processes of subtraction and signs, which I try to set free in certain colour spaces. I like to think that painting is not a representation of reality, but an interpretation, I like the surprise that there is, I like it because the interpretation is not the only one. I like painting for many other reasons, and I especially like the healthy and ruthless dissatisfaction that continuously keeps pushing me in my workplace every day.


Kristina Kanaan in EXPO at Munich




























































Dierk Engelken in EXPO

60 Jahre Künstler Gruppe Bonn 

Vernissage am 17.10.2014, 6 p.m.
Haus an der Redoute, Kurfürstenallee 1a, 53177 Bonn-Bad Godesberg
from/to: 18.10.2014 – 09.11.2014
open: wednesday – sunday 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.



“Decke zu kurz- Das ICCB in Bonn”





Dierk Engelken in EXPO


Vernissage: 09.10.2014, 7 p.m.

Galerie Avacon, Lindenstr. 45, 21335 Lüneburg
from/to: 09.10.2014 – 09.01.2015
open: Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Seglers Vision















Dierk Engelken in Expo

Vernissage: 13.09.2014, 15:00 h
Künstlerforum Remagen, Kirchstr. 3, 53424 Remagen
from/to: 07.09.2014 – 05.10.2014
open: Saturday, Sunday 15:00 h – 18:00 h

“Mediterraner Traum”






















The XXth Frequenzen Symposium South Streams is over

In 2014 we met in Higueras, Spain. Our final exhibition took place at Castellon, in the casa Moruna, plaza del Mar.

On the Frequenzen-Blog you can find photos taken by all the participants of the event.

On the blog of the “Associacion Cultural” of Higueras, you will find pictures taken by people of the village, along with spanish, italian and french text.


Participating as Guest Artists:

From Italy:

Vincenzo Lopardo

From the Netherlands:

Grieteke Kiki Roosma

From Spain:

Carmen Garcia Gordillo

Elisa Merino C.

Alejandro Schmitt

Melchor Zapata


Many thanks to Angeles Schmid, Michel Schmid, Edith Schmid for management, organization and translations

Francisco Gimeno Torregrosa, Alcade – Presidente de Higueras

Excmo Ayuntamiento de Higueras

Asociacion Cultural Higueras


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Kristina Kanaan: ART HAPPENS


Since December 2013 up to September 2014 Kristina Kanaan is setting up her own works in progress inside the restaurant Il Viaggio, Ascoli Piceno.

Her intention is to involve visitors in the visual process.
The artist places natural raw materials on site where finished works are already on show.
Kristina Kanaan works in an extemporaneous way, and for most of the artworks there are no pre-conceiled  ideas.
The exhibition expresses her personal intense experience as she lives in symbiosis with the materials and the images she meets and discovers.

Her paintings and sculptures are strongly inspired by the sea. They communicate the sounds of the waves, they speak the language of stones, sand and wood, and they reflect the light of glass fragments.

The artist’s roots come out in a mixed-media painting started in Veszprem, Hungary, mixing soil from the locality with powder of travertine marble from Ascoli Piceno where the work will be finished. A sculpture created at a symposium in France consists of a trunk from Germany combined with Murano glass. This kind of work echoes her vital and essential experiences.


If you want to meet the artist please send an email to


Symposium 2011 Fresh Air

6.May 2011-12.May 2011 Public work symposium in the St.Paul’s bay, Malta

The works were exhibited at La Valletta, German-Maltese Circle, Messina Palace


Hans Verduijn

Janos Miklos Kadar

Tobias Krug

  • 1972 Born in Munich, Germany
  • 1994 – 1997 Professional Institute for glass and jewelry, Neugablonz, Germany
  • 1997 – 2001 Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. L.Gosewitz: Glass, Munich, Germany
  • since 2001 free lance artist
  • since 2003 member of the European Artist Group ‘FREQUENZEN e.V.’
  • since 2004 member of the Munich Artist Club ‘Seerosenkreis’


Kristina Kanaan

Kristina Kanaan is an artist working since 1988 between Munich, Germany and Le Marche in Italy. She specializes in sculpture, installation, painting and design. She has studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Macerata with Prof. Paolo Gallerani from Milano.
Her work has been internationally recognized and has won prestigious awards on many occasions. To name for example, in 1994 she was awarded a Scholarship from Rotary Club International-District 2090, Club Altavallesina Grottefrassassi Italy, she has won a second prize for a monument in Ponte delle Gabbelle in Milano in 1996.
The same year, she won the second prize on the 13th Grand Prix International d‘Art Carrara/Hallstahammar, and first prize for her sculpture work in Spinetoli Scultura 2007. She is co-founder of the cultural club “Il giardino erboso” in Monsampolo del Tronto Italy, organizing art courses for children, various art events and exhibitions.
Her interest is to express contemporary art in concepts touching political arguments or attempting to make heavy weight materials appear lighter in her use of different materials such as stone, metal, ceramic, wood, glass and paper.
Exhibitions and symposium include Austria, Cina, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta and Sveden.




different materials



Heiner Hofmann

In my artwork and performances I try to visualize my emotions making them noticeable to the viewer, using my own body to express life’s various experiences. In my paintings, sculptures and performances I try to accent the work in progress keeping in mind becoming, being and going on as my concept.


Born 10.05.1957 in Rosenheim, Germany
1974 – 1977 training as a sculptor in wood, steel and stone
Member of the Professional Association of Visual Arts in Munich / Bavaria
Founding member of the European Art Group “Frequenzen”
2003 Founding of “Projekt-Spielart” with colleague Harry Thaler
Since 1984 global exhibitions and symposia
Since 1980 several art performances locally and abroad
various art commissions for state and local governments in Germany, Switzerland and Italy
Since 1998 exhibitions (paintings) at the art gallery “Ruf” in Munich
Lives and works in Rosenheim / Germany


Irene Hallmann Strauss

Since the beginning of my artistic career I’ve always felt the need to discover the roots of human behavior and to express them in my work.
We have to accept that the behavior of man, whether it is good or bad, is part of our environment and we have to deal with it.
Avidity and overbearing power, compassion and personal compromise, intellect and feeling – these contrasts determine our life. I’m looking for the clearest, simplest, esthetically purest possibility of expression in my artistic language.

Setting intellect and sensibility – man and nature in reference to human acting, with colours and shapes do determine my expression.

Charles Gatt

I hope I will be forgiven for introducing a sober matter with one that is personal and close to my experience. As a musician I enjoy working with a group where my effort is to seek a common feeling while everyone improvises in his own individual manner The outcome of this situation is the integration of solo expression in a group of free -thinking individuals who enter, feel and become the music with one harmonic goal in mind. Jazz is at once music of the individual and music of the collective-a balance between freedom and necessity.

We can carry the concept of the individual and the collective to arrive at an idea of peace through art. Art is not influenced by differences in culture, living standards or even spiritual viewpoint. It is obvious that the most powerful aspirations of mankind are coming from the same root. The intimate experiences of the heart and spirit are a reality which can be communicated and which every other human being can respond to, no matter how far removed their expression may be from one’s own particular habit of thought. This allows everyone to find his own way and discipline.

Today, information technology has turned us into passive observers of all the political and economic crimes that are being committed. We all discuss the relationship between politics and faith, the development of the poor nations of the world, the place of the individual within society. We need to promote the arts as a symbol of freedom. The arts can protect us against the manipulation of the controlling media and help us avoid further blackmail into impotence. Art can help us find universal reference points which can also be guidelines in the life of each individual person.

Besides thinking, feeling and wanting, the creative urge possesses a sense of goodwill, self-respect together with respect for others and a desire to transform things for the better. Picasso said ‘You must do everything with love.’ Love is the secret of art’s transforming power. This power can help us come clean from this environment of materialism, power, consumerism and hedonism.

Joseph Beuys said that all men are artists. We might only be art lovers. If everyone approaches his work with love we can hope that this will lead us to a harmonious adaptation of our individual differences.


Charles Gatt is a member of the European art group ‘Frequenzen’ and the local art group ‘Start’. Exhibitions and seminars include Rosenheim, Germany, Neumarkt a.d. Raab in Austria, The University of Kaposvar, Hungary and Ascoli Piceno in Italy,
Pataky Galeriaba in Budapest and Triumphforte, Innsbruck, Monsampolo in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, Alte Volkschule, Steinhaus in Südtirol (Art performance) Chongju and Gaya in South Korea, Tüchersfeld: Frankische Schweiz Museum, Germany in 2000, Neumarkt in Austria, “Changes” sound installation at the Nationnal Museum of fine Arts “Blitz” at the “Malta at War Museum” in Vittoriosa , “Borders” at Pinto Wharf, “Escape” at the Old Prisons, Citadel, Gozo and Cityspaces in Valletta.

Dierk Engelken

  • 26.7.1941 born in Elbing, Germany,  painter and sculptor; President of Honour of IAA (International Association of Art); Member of Bundesverband Bildender Künstler, Bonner Künstlergruppe, VG Bild Kunst
  • living and working in Bonn; studied at Universities of Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf; Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf ;
  • 1969  “Meisterschüler”; 1973-2001 gave lectures of Art at Pädagogische Hochschule Rheinland and Universities of Cologne and Bonn; chairman of Germination Deutschland; Personal exhibitions in Germany and foreign countries; exhibitions and Art Actions since 1969 in about 160 cities.
  • Since 1970 about 180 essays  have been published in catalogues, magazines, press, radio and television about the works of Dierk Engelken.
  • Author of more than 320 essays and critics about art.

Jean-Pierre Dupont

Born in Strasbourg, I discovered the “Haute –Provence” in 1967, fell in love with it and came to live here in Summer 1970.

After various small works, I joined the Départment of Education in 1978 as a teacher of plastic arts in a secondary school, keeping in line with my approach to the landscape. I retired in 2008.

I took part in several collective and personal exhibitions in the région P.A.C.A, in the East of France, Lyon, Paris. Among the most recent ones:

the « Rotonde » and « The House of Brian » in Simiane la Rotonde in July 2009,
in N.D des Neiges in Ardèche
in the cathedral of Sisteron the whole Summer 2010
in Switzerland in Neuchatel November 2011
in Montfroc and Serres les Alpes in September 2011 and 2012
and in Digne in January 2013


Zoltan Debreczeny

Born in 1952 in Veszprem
Selft-taught and graduate of the Institute of Engineers City Council in Veszprem
Exhibitions in Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy.