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Libres Bal(l)ades, Ongles, France, 2019

The annual symposium or the Frequenzen art group is over. We would like to thank our perfect managers and artist colleagues  Gilles Brun, Ans Barillé, Jean-Pierre Dupont and of course Agnès: she was always in the right place at the right moment. 

The artists of the art association J’Ongles Art worked with us in public spaces; many visitors came to see us creating. We dedicated this symposium to our artist colleague Michel Schmid, who passed away last year. He was at home in the Haute Provence. 

The final exhibition of the works took place in the Town Hall of Ongles. 

have a look at the Symposium in pictures 

some of the final works: 

Big ThankYou to our sponsors.

Symposium 2018 on Gozo, Malta

The theme “Together”

represents the red thread that binds the artworks in production; each one of the artists will work with his own personal technique.

They will develop sculptures, paintings, photographs and drawings in a public place, where everyone can come and experience live the growth of an artwork.




From 6th to 11th October, it will be possible to visit the artists at “Ta’ Peppi Farmhouse” and see them creating.

From 12th to 14th October they will expose the final results at the Citadella of Gozo.



You can follow the symposium by connecting to the Frequenzen Blog





La Marseillaise, 31-05-2013

about the Frequenzen Symposium Passages


Michel Schmid

I was born in 1945 and as a child I spent a lot of time painting and drawing.
At the age of 11, I saw the film “le mystère Picasso” and this movie was an impression which influenced my later style.
As a teenager I wanted to follow an art course, but, being an obedient son, I became an electronic engineer.
Except for a short break of a few years, I continued to draw and paint while I was doing my technical work. In the late ’90s I devoted more time to painting than to my professional work. In my studio in Geneva a thorough research in colour and design brought me to the third dimension, and this initiated my interest in sculpture.
In 2004, when I retired my wife and myself moved to Haute-Provence and I started working with Iron.
In 2008 the sculptural work became so important that I had to stop painting. Since then, I have been working almost exclusively with Iron sheet, formed either in a hot or cold way and then welded. I like this material for the constraints it implies, being cold, sharp, sometimes dangerous, but at the same time allowing the building of warm and sensual shapes.
Most of my works are rather abstract, in the sense that they don’t represent anything but rather suggest and transmit emotion. Most of the time, the emotion has its source in a shape thought, dreamt, or felt. However, the source can also be a social or political event.


Ans Barillé-Riedijk

Stained-glass artist
born on July 15th, 1961 at Rhoon (NL)
A meeting, a way towards another country, France, in 1988
School of fine Arts, Rotterdam (NL), School of Fine Arts, Angers (F)
Painter of Delft earthenware in the Netherlands
Decorator of Moustiers Ste. Marie earthenware in France
Various private lessons of watercolor and alive model
Another discovery of art: the transparency.
In 1998 a world opens
Vocational training in Marseille, moving on 14km to Ongles.
The opening of the stained-glass studio in 2005 at Le Rocher d’Ongles




Jean-Pierre Dupont

Born in Strasbourg, I discovered the “Haute –Provence” in 1967, fell in love with it and came to live here in Summer 1970.

After various small works, I joined the Départment of Education in 1978 as a teacher of plastic arts in a secondary school, keeping in line with my approach to the landscape. I retired in 2008.

I took part in several collective and personal exhibitions in the région P.A.C.A, in the East of France, Lyon, Paris. Among the most recent ones:

the « Rotonde » and « The House of Brian » in Simiane la Rotonde in July 2009,
in N.D des Neiges in Ardèche
in the cathedral of Sisteron the whole Summer 2010
in Switzerland in Neuchatel November 2011
in Montfroc and Serres les Alpes in September 2011 and 2012
and in Digne in January 2013


Gilles Brun

Self-taught sculptor

Born in France 15/11/1953
Worked in Germany from 1990 to 1995, met Frequenzen.

During the last 30 years, he had different phases of work, using various materials: wood, metal, stone and paper.
At present he is building his house and his studio in Ongles in the Alpes of the Haute Provence.


La Provence, 30-06-2013

about the Frequenzen Symposium Passages