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Jean-Pierre Dupont

Born in Strasbourg, I discovered the “Haute –Provence” in 1967, fell in love with it and came to live here in Summer 1970.

After various small works, I joined the Départment of Education in 1978 as a teacher of plastic arts in a secondary school, keeping in line with my approach to the landscape. I retired in 2008.

I took part in several collective and personal exhibitions in the région P.A.C.A, in the East of France, Lyon, Paris. Among the most recent ones:

the « Rotonde » and « The House of Brian » in Simiane la Rotonde in July 2009,
in N.D des Neiges in Ardèche
in the cathedral of Sisteron the whole Summer 2010
in Switzerland in Neuchatel November 2011
in Montfroc and Serres les Alpes in September 2011 and 2012
and in Digne in January 2013