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Heiner Hofmann

In my artwork and performances I try to visualize my emotions making them noticeable to the viewer, using my own body to express life’s various experiences. In my paintings, sculptures and performances I try to accent the work in progress keeping in mind becoming, being and going on as my concept.


Born 10.05.1957 in Rosenheim, Germany
1974 – 1977 training as a sculptor in wood, steel and stone
Member of the Professional Association of Visual Arts in Munich / Bavaria
Founding member of the European Art Group “Frequenzen”
2003 Founding of “Projekt-Spielart” with colleague Harry Thaler
Since 1984 global exhibitions and symposia
Since 1980 several art performances locally and abroad
various art commissions for state and local governments in Germany, Switzerland and Italy
Since 1998 exhibitions (paintings) at the art gallery “Ruf” in Munich
Lives and works in Rosenheim / Germany