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Symposium 2019 France – Libres Bal(l)ades

For this symposium, planned from the 1st to the 7th of July 2019 in Rocher D’Ongles (France), we chose the theme Libres Bal(l)ades with the association J’Ongles Art.

It will be organized by our artist colleagues Gilles Brun and Ans Barille-Riedijk.

Balade means walking aimlessly without precisly knowing were to go and Ballade means little poetry and songs to dance to. Those two terms refer to the idea of freedom and lightness, movement, wandering, discovery, musicality, poetry, writing…

As a European Art Group, Frequenzen organize meetings with school children and these meetings are always interesting for both sides. Since these collaborations are appreciated, we’ve been in contact with the schools of Ongles, Revest des Brousses and Limans and we propose to work on the theme creating a path throughout the streets of the village.

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Gilles Brun

Ans Barillé

Jean-Pierre Dupont

Nadine Auzas-Mille

Michel Auzas-Mille

Dominique Jouve

Dominique Gardey

Frédérique Maillart

Ulla Lutz

Myriam Blaustein

Kathrin Sammer

Edith Schmid

Isabelle Martin

Ruud Bergkotte

Hennie Waalwijk


Gilles Brun

Ans Barillé

Jean Pierre Dupont

Heiner Hofmann

Harald Thaler

Sabine Meyer

Kristina Kanaan

Charles Gatt

Robert Engl

Carmen Garcia

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