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“Vortici” – Frequenzen Symposium 2017 in Italy

The European Artgroup Frequenzen is glad to announce you the 2017 Symposium “Vortici”:

It will take place in the monastery of San Francesco at Borgo a Mozzano, Italy

from sept. 30 to oct. 7,  2017.

The participant artists are:

Ans Barrilé – Riedijk from France
Gilles Brun from France
Charles Gatt from Malta
Kristina Kanaan from Germany
Sabine Meyer from Germany
Janosh Miklos Kadar from Hungary
Gabor Szabo from Hungary
Vincenzo Lopardo from Italy
Kiki Roosma from the Netherlands
Harry Thaler from Italy
Tobias Krug from Germany
Maxs Felinfer from Italy
Patricia Vena from Italy
Zoltan Debreczeny from Hungary
Heiner Hofmann from Germany


you can follow our symposium on the Frequenzen Blog

stay tuned


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